About Us

20 years in the making, PROSTAR marks the beginning of a legacy that would benefit generations to come. We are an export-oriented Chinese manufacturer that is widely considered to be a pioneer in the fields of power supply, energy conservation, and new energy. Our global distribution network can provide both domestic and overseas customers with high performance devices such as the AVR & transformer, storage battery & charger, VFD & motor soft starter, UPS, power inverter, solar power system, energy-saving lighting, low-voltage electrical component, etc. Other recommended items include the transformer, distribution box, solar power system, and the bespoke special power supply.

PROSTAR products are now available with flexible parameters. Browse our robust catalogue for selections such as the high frequency online UPS (1KVA-40KVA), low frequency online UPS (6KVA-400KVA), power inverter (0.5KVA-100KVA), emergency power supply (0.5kW-400kW), VFD (0.4kW-630kW), motor soft starter (7.5kW-315kW), AVR (0.5KVA-5000KVA), transformer (50VA-600KVA), solar power system (5W-10kW), and storage battery (6V/4Ah-200Ah, 12V/4Ah-260Ah, 2V/100Ah-3000Ah). These versatile products have performed exceptionally on the world market due to their outstanding quality and competitive pricing.

Our company has a staff of 320 employees and a registered capital of 5 million RMB. As a professional manufacturer, we are able to develop products in accordance with fluctuating market trends. All of our devices come attached with an environmental friendly package that is in full compliance with the European Standard. We have successfully passed the certification for both CE and the ISO9001 Quality Management System. PROSTAR products have established excellent reputations in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our selection of UPS and power inverters are especially well received in countries such as the UK, Nigeria, Dominica, India, UAE, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Venezuela, Bangladesh, and Albania.

The twin brands of PROFLEX and PROSTAR are symbols of excellence that represent the superior quality of our products. These widely recognized brands have been officially registered in many different countries and regions. Their influence is further promoted by local distributors from around the world. We are always looking to establish mutually beneficial business relations that lead to long-term prosperity. Through cooperation and understanding, we will pave the road to a brighter future!